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RUPALIT® 05 Litzwires provide a low cost alternative compared with solid wire.


Technical and Economical Benefits

  • Primary and secondary windings are wound in one cost saving   operation
  • Short circuits and incorrect connections are avoided
  • Quicker and easier to wind than solid wire
  • Primary and secondary are distinguished by colour coded enamels
  • Skin effect reduced

Application examples

  • Ring core transformers for power supply units
  • Storage chokes for power supply units
  • Transformers for power supply units where f<50kHz
  • Current-compensated noise suppression chokes
  • Ring core transformers for network applications
  • Instrument transformer


  • Enamel insulated copper wires (magnet wire) with a strand   diameter of 0.5mm (AWG 24) as standard. Other diameters are available on   request

Insulation Material

  • Polyurethane V155/V180 – Colour: Clear
  • Polyurethane V155/V180 – Colour: Green, Red, Violet, Black,   Brown, Grey, Blue, Leafgreen, Bottlegreen or Gold
Values:Current density for ring core transformers approx. 3-6   A/mm2