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RUPALIT® Planar; of interest to users of copperfoil.


Technical and Economical Benefits

  • Minimises “hotspots”
  • High copper fill factor due to profiled construction
  • Capable of winding on small radius bobbins
  • Field compensated winding possible
  • Compact Finish
  • Easy to terminate

Application examples

  • High current output transformers
  • Single turn highpower transformers
  • Radar Transformers
  • Low voltage rectifier transformers
  • Induction heating equipment
  • Highpower chokes
  • Synchronous converter chokes
  • Schottky diodeoutput


  • RUPALIT® with enamel copper wires (magnet wire) (0.02-1.6mm   diameter, AWG 13-52) or enamel insulated aluminium wires (0.25-5mm diameter,   AWG 4-30) or with RUPALIT Profile.
  • Enamel insulated aluminium wires (magnet wire) (0.025-5mm   diameter, AWG 4-30)
  • Cross section up to 150mm²

Insulation Material

  • Natural Silk
  • Polyamide yarn (63) (nylon©)
  • Polyester foil, 150°C (Mylar©)
  • P.E.N. foil, 155°C
  • Polymide foil, 220°C (Kapton©, Kapton© CR)