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RUPALIT® Profile Litzwire in square or rectangular section makes optimum use of the available winding space.


Technical and Economical Benefits

  • 65% – 80% copper fill factor
  • Optimises the number of winding layers
  • Winding without bobbin (self bonding enamel/acetate silk)
  • Also available in RUPALIT®   Safety

Application examples

  • HF transformers
  • Switch mode power supplies


  • Enamel insulated copper wires (magnet wire) (0.02-1.6mm   diameter, AWG 13-52)
  • Enamel insulated aluminium wires (magnet wire) (0.025-5mm   diameter, AWG 4-30)
  • Conductor cross section in compliance with DIN or customer   requirements

Insulation Material

  • Polyester foil, 150°C (Mylar©)
  • P.E.N. foil (XR20), 155°C
  • Polymide foil, 220°C (Kapton©, Kapton© CR)
  • Aramid paper (Nomex©)
  • Polyamide yarn (63) (nylon©), electrical and mechanical   shelter
  • Acetate silk
  • Other materials are available on request