The Deeter Wireless System Modbus Gateway receives data from remote sensor nodes (either Senders or LVCS-RF) and makes this data available for polling by the Modbus Master.

The Modbus Master can use the process outputs from the Modbus Gateway (Wireless Base Station) as follows:

  • Four open-collector transistor outputs capable of sinking up to 50mA at 40V
  • One 4-to-20mA current loop driver

The Modbus Gateway has a user-interface consisting of three push-button switches, four LED indicators and a 2-line by 16-character liquid crystal display. The buttons and LEDs are only accessible with the lid removed and are used in conjunction with the display to select a variety of output and installation options during initial setup. During normal operation the display shows various system parameters such as radio link quality and sensor node battery level.

The menu functions available via the internal buttons are mapped to Modbus register functions so that the Modbus Gateway/Base Station can be driven via the RS485 serial interface.

The Modbus Gateway is housed in an ABS enclosure with clear polycarbonate window for viewing the display. It has an external antenna and three cable glands for power input and signal outputs. It can be powered by a supply between 12 and 24Vdc – a 12Vdc switch-mode mains adapter is supplied. A wall mounting kit is also supplied.



Antenna (External) Fully weather-proof Frequency Channels 16
Antenna Gain 2.2dBi Operating Temperature -20°C to + 70°C
Antenna Extension Cable1 3m length Process Outputs Four open collector transistor outputs, 50mA 40V DC (max). One 4-20mA current loop driver
Antenna type Half Wave dipole Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM band
CE mark Yes Receiver Sensitivity -96dBm
Communications protocol IEEE 802.15.4 Serial Communications port One UART
RS232C, RS485
115200 baud
8-bit, no parity, 1-stop bit, USB
Dimensions (mm) Height = 179
(237 inc. antenna)
Depth = 51
(118 inc. antenna)
Width = 138
Antenna Height = 96
Supply Voltage2 10-26V DC
Enclosure IP64 Transmit power3 6dBm
FCC Part 15 compliant Yes

1) Optional feature.
2) The Base Station is supplied with a 12V DC external wall-mounted mains adapter power supply. This can operate on 100-240V AC 50-60Hz mains. It can supply 0.5A.
3) Conform to European ETSU Limits.

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