/PRNewswire/ — Bridges Restaurant and Bar has long been an East Bay fine dining establishment. The restaurant is now hoping to be known as a pioneer in energy and water efficiency. As part of this effort, Bridges will install ultra-high efficient hybrid tankless water heaters, a novel approach to effectively meet the high demand for hot water restaurants face.

Bridges will host a pilot project designed by Demand Management Installation Services (DMIS) and the Food Service Technology Center, an energy efficiency program for foodservice funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. DMIS and FSTC will identify opportunities to reduce energy and water demands and also reduce wastewater the restaurant generates.

Fifteen percent of all natural gas consumed in California’s commercial sector is used solely by commercial kitchens to heat water.

“We’ve made tremendous strides in residential hot water energy efficiency in recent years, and now we’re ready to apply these newer technologies in demanding commercial settings,” said Jason Hanleybrown, CEO of DMIS. “Restaurants can’t survive without sufficient hot water. We’ve launched this pilot project to show foodservice establishments that they can save water, energy, and money through well-designed, efficient systems.”

DMIS and the FSTC worked together to evaluate water and energy use and wastewater production at Bridges. This pilot aims to improve efficiency in water heating, water usage, wastewater generation, and energy usage. In California the annual operating costs associated with water, wastewater, and energy use of the hot water system can add up to $40,000 in large sit-down restaurants, a significant portion of a restaurant’s operating costs.

“We help restaurants to identify the most efficient systems to best meet their needs,” said Don Fisher, FSTC manager at the Food Service Technology Center. “Working with DMIS to help Bridges identify retrofit opportunities to make the restaurant more efficient will help it to save significantly on its utility bills.”

Hybrid hot water heater manufacturer Eternal donated the equipment for this pilot project. A second project phase will take advantage of low-cost, high-yield water efficiency opportunities such as ensuring that all pre-rinse spray valves are the most efficient available. The goal is to illustrate that restaurants can – and should – adopt more efficient hot water systems.

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SOURCE Demand Management Installation Services