HATE cleric Abu Qatada was last night thrown back in jail — and may never roam
the streets of Britain again.

A judge sent the 52-year-old to prison for breaching his bail terms just hours
before the Government’s latest bid to boot him out of the country for good.

Qatada — dubbed Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe — was nicked by
border officials on Friday.

He is alleged to have breached rules banning him from using mobile phones and
allowing memory sticks into his taxpayer-funded £450,000 home.

Abu Qatada is driven off

Qatada was transferred to Belmarsh Prison in South East London after a Special
Immigration Appeals Commission hearing.

The Sun

A Judicial Press Office spokesman said last night: “At a telephone hearing
this afternoon with lawyers for both sides, Mr Justice Irwin, chairman of
SIAC, ordered the return of Omar Othman, otherwise known as Abu Qatada, to
prison. There will be a further hearing on March 21.”

Qatada may never taste freedom in Britain again — the Government goes to
the Court of Appeal at 10.30am tomorrow to ask for his extradition.

Home Secretary Theresa May is to challenge a previous SIAC ruling that Jordan
had not proved Qatada’s retrial would be free of evidence obtained by

He is accused of planning explosions targeting Western and Israeli targets
before 2000.

Specialist officers first pounced on the preacher’s house at 6.30am on
Thursday and scoured it for 12 hours.

Cocky Qatada smirked on Friday as he was led away in handcuffs from his North
London house by the UK Border Agency.

Yesterday, terror cops returned to the house, which cost £100,000-a-week to
keep under 24-hour watch. Last night they confirmed they had completed their
searches, finding no hazardous substances.

Sun's campaign logo to kick Qatada out

Before yesterday’s SIAC ruling, Qatada was allowed out between 8am and 4pm
while fitted with an electronic tag.

But The Sun has long campaigned for greater efforts to kick out the bushy
bearded preacher. He was freed from jail in November after Mr Justice
Mitting controversially ruled he may not get a fair trial in Jordan.

He left his previous £400,000 four-bedroom rented home in North West London
after complaining it was too small.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We are pleased SIAC has decided to revoke bail.
We will vigorously argue our case at the next hearing.”

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Qatada ‘off streets of Britain forever’ – The Sun
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