With an aim to protect infrastructure systems against structural failure, Resensys – a Maryland-based provider of solutions that protect infrastructure systems – is developing a new structural health monitoring system, which will be powered by RFaxis’ RFX2401 single-chip/single-die RF Front-End Integrated Circuits (RFeIC).

According to a press release, RFaxis’s RFX2401 RFeIC for 2.4GHz ZigBee/ISM applications has been picked by Resensys for its wireless structural health monitor system, which has currently completed its RD phase.

Resensys’ wireless structural health monitor system is a wireless sensor device that measures load, temperature, vibration and mechanical shift, in real time, for civil and mechanical structures. It protects infrastructure systems against structural failure.

Enabled by the RFaxis RFX2401 RFeIC and the Texas Instruments (News Alert) (TI) CC2530 2.4GHz System-on-Chip (SoC) for IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee/ISM, the Resensys’ wireless structural health monitor system protects infrastructure systems against structural failure by providing the real time monitoring of key structural state quantities such as stress, strain, fatigue cracks, vibration, and more.

Based on RFaxis patent-pending Active RF Test (ART) technology, the wireless structural health monitor system is a cost-effective solution that incorporates novel sensing, energy harvesting, and wireless communication technologies into a flexible, wireless, and batteryless sensor.

Addressing the tremendous need for cost effective, real time monitoring systems for aging infrastructures; such as highway bridges, the Resensys solution is based upon wireless / battery-less ART sensors, and remote monitoring and structural diagnostics software, said officials with Resensys in a press release.

Mehdi Kalantari, CEO and founder, Resensys, said in a statement, “Our wireless structural health monitoring system can prevent the catastrophic structural failure of critical public infrastructures by sensing and providing early detection of adverse strains, cracks and deformations in such infrastructures.”

Kalantari added, “The sensor requires a high-reliability radio frequency (RF) communications link to work properly. By using the RFaxis RFX2401 RFeIC and the TI CC2530 SoC with our patent-pending sensor solution, we were able to create a reliable, robust and cost effective solution. At Resensys, we are proud to deliver this compact, lightweight, self-adhesive and self-powered sensor technology to the structural market. Our experience using RFaxis products in our sensors has been very successful because the RFX2401 is a robust, yet easy-to-implement RF Front-End solution.”

The RFaxis RFX2401 is a fully integrated, single-chip/single-die RFeIC. It encompasses all the RF Front-End functionality required for 2.4GHz IEEE (NewsAlert) 802.15.4 ZigBee/ISM applications. This RFeIC has been provided with a power amplifier (PA), a low-noise amplifier (LNA), a transmit and receive switch, matching network, harmonic filter, power detector, and CMOS control logic. All these are integrated onto a single silicon die and are delivered in an ultra compact 3x3mm 16-lead QFN package.

As a California-based semiconductor company offering RF solutions, RFaxis leverages pure CMOS and BiCMOS technology in conjunction with its own innovative approach and technology to provide next-generation wireless solutions designed for Bluetooth, WLAN, 802.11n/MIMO, ZigBee/ISM, WiMAX (NewsAlert), wireless video streaming, and cellular mobile handset markets.

Apart from Resensys, Tigaro Wireless also has selected RFaxis’ silicon-based RFX2401 single-chip/single-die RFeIC for its wireless 2.4GHz band ISM radio platform recently for high fidelity audio streaming applications, as reported by TMCnet.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves