RMA Claims Another Victim

Libertarianz leader Richard
McGrath extended his party’s sympathy and support to a
farmer being punished for cutting down some of his own

“Once again, the hideously deformed monster
spawned by Geoffrey Palmer and Simon Upton threatens the
livelihood of a hard working New Zealander.”

“I refer to
Waikato farmer Christopher Jones, who our courts are
harassing via the Resource Management Act for chopping down
what he thought were his own trees on his own

“This case is a stark reminder that no man – or
woman – can be certain of their ownership of anything as
long as National and Labour lead our governments.”

legacy of Upton and Palmer is this abomination of a law
which undermines a bulwark of Western civilisation, and
which places nebulous bullshit concepts such as
anthropogenic climate change, ‘stewardship’, the intrinsic
values of ecosystems, amenity values and the finite
characteristics of resources over and above time-honoured
principles such as the sanctity of property rights and the
rule of objective laws that protect innocent people from
aggressive force.”

“This show trial is a further reminder
– if any was needed – that neither Labour nor National have
the slightest interest in supporting the basic rights of New
Zealanders. The National Party’s former support for farmers
has morphed into a grotesquely sadistic tool for persecuting
property owners.”

“Christopher Jones needs to accept that
despite what he might think, and despite being forced to pay
taxes on its productivity, his farm does not actually belong
to him.”


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