KOCHI: The Kochi-based SCMS group of institutions is planning to set up a Centre for Water Technology and Management (CWTM) in association with University of Applied Sciences in Weingarten, Germany.

The centre will operate from the SCMS School of Engineering and Technology (SSET).

This will be the first international research project undertaken by the SSET centre for research consultancy, innovation in engineering and technology.

“Our aim is very specific. We will look at the existing technology in water management and work with a couple of panchayats to help them find solution to their water problems, including the problem of water pollution and management,” said prof C K Rajan, director, CWTM.

He said that they have had discussions with the officials from the Kochi Corporation, municipalities and neighbouring panchayats in the district.

“Their response was encouraging and the local authorities have expressed interest in helping us find solutions to their problems, using simple and existing technology,” said prof Rajan.

The centre will manage an international network of parties possessing competence in the fields of water technology (including their sustainable and regenerative energy supply), water management and water economy. It will act as a coordinator for the research projects and will offer consultancy on water technology and water management including process development services and professional training. “We also plan to provide policy advisory services to public sector organizations, city corporations, municipalities and other public bodies,” he added. A process laboratory is being developed at SCMS engineering college to carry out new water technology processes, adapt available processes to special demands and to scale processes to the capacity needed.

These services will be made available on a contract basis to customers, inside and outside the state.

“The depleting supply of fresh water from conventional sources is a matter of serious concern. It points out to the need for developing alternative water sources, including the reuse and recycling of waste water, storm water and rain water,” he explained. Dr Johannes Fritsch from the University of Applied Sciences in Weingarten, Germany will head the centre and spearhead the activities for the inclusion of the most advanced water and waste water treatment technologies.