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Sensotech has introduced its Liquisonic measuring technology, which is designed to optimise the manufacturing process related to plant security, product quality and operating costs.

The sophisticated measuring system, which can be used in different petrochemical process stages, is directly integrated into the process and thus enables the user to continuously analyse, monitor and record all process data.

The system also precisely determines the concentration in binary or multi-component blends, designed to ensure the quality and to reduce costs for raw material and energy.

Liquisonic is also used to monitor and control phase separations in pipelines containing multiple components and to monitor reactions in reactors.

In addition, particular attention is paid to monitor safety-critical process steps.

One example is detecting wastewater leaks or breakthroughs of refrigerants or other products at heat exchangers.

Also in complex procedures, such as synthesis gas scrubbers, the in-line measuring technology enables the user to analyse the process continuously and to save absorber chemicals.

Liquisonic consists of one or more sensors and a controller.

The contact-less measuring method is based on the sonic velocity measurement for a precise and fast data acquisition.

Usually, the sensor is made of stainless steel, but in aggressive liquids it is coated, for example, with HALAR, PFA or tantalum.

The sensor incorporates a rugged, enclosed design and does not need any gaskets or ‘windows’ to the process, and is therefore maintenance free, according to the company.

The sensor is available with an Ex approval for use in hazardous areas.

The controller manages the measuring results and transfers them through connection to higher-level systems.

The automatic limit value monitoring, the large data memory and the clear trend chart are just some of the many customer-friendly service features.

Up to four sensors can be connected to one controller.

The connection is digital, and distances of up to 1,000m can be overcome easily.

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