Extremely convenient for families, iDos measures and dispenses detergents automatically for any laundry load thus ensuring that every washing gets the right amount of liquid detergent down to the millimeter. It also avoids the negative effects of overdosing thus making the use of the washing machine extremely easy for any member of the family.

iDos reduces water consumption by up to 7,062 litres per year, a key consideration for washing machine usage in the Middle East region. The laundry detergent tank needs to be filled only once for every twenty loads of laundry thus enhancing convenience of use and saving the time for the users.

iDos has been launched in the Middle East through an innovative campaign by Siemens – ‘iThink. iSave. iCare. iWash. iDos’ – which depicts the key brand attributes of the product of using a innovative product, achieving savings while caring for health and family through the convenient wash offered by iDos.

Georg Kazantzidis, Marketing and Business Development Director, BSH, said: “iDos is truly revolutionary in terms of technology. For the Middle East users, it particularly brings the added advantage of reduced water and energy use as well as savings in detergent usage. The sheer convenience of automatic dosing will further add to the quality of their lifestyle.”

According to surveys on laundry habits in select European countries conducted by Siemens, 90 percent of all consumers do not dose their laundry detergent correctly . The overdosing of laundry detergent leads to problems, especially for the environment because excessive foam formation will result in additional rinsing cycles and hence a disproportionate increase in water consumption.

Choosing the right dose of detergent is not easy. Even the users of measuring cups are often way off the mark. The right dose to be used depends on a number of factors including water hardness, soiling, capacity, machine dimension and nature of the fabric.

While overdosing leads to excessive foam production, visible residues and thus risk of allergies in addition to higher costs and environmental pollution resulting from higher water consumption, under dosing of the detergent leads to stains, fat lice, bad odour and the clothes becoming grey or shabby. The right dose of detergent is thus crucial not only for family health but also in terms of sustainable development issues such as excess water and energy use, both addressed effectively by iDos.

The iDos automatic dosing system’s finely tuned sensors automatically register both the amount of laundry and the different types of fabric contained in a load, i.e. cotton, synthetic fabrics, or mixed loads. Even the laundry’s degree of soiling can be determined with great precision with the aid of sensors. Based on these factors, the programme logic calculates the perfect washing sequence and the precise temperature control and carefully adjusts the laundry detergent doses administered in several steps.

The detergent tank of iDos can be easily removed for cleaning while the liquid detergent or softener can be added between laundry loads at any time. The machine also has a manual compartment where users can manually add powdered or liquid detergent or other laundry products adding to their convenience and options.

iDos also comes with several value-added features. The anti-vibration design of the new sidewalls help stabilize the washing machine for a noticeable reduction in vibrations. The automatic stabilization system has highly sensitive sensors that detect even the smallest vibrations and work directly to optimize spinning behavior and compensate every imbalance. This makes the new washing machine extremely quiet even at the highest spin speed.

The revolutionary design of iQ drive has a brushless magnetic drive in which results in an extremely reliable high-output motor whose innovative magnet technology activates the iQ drive without friction. This is effective whether users wash heavy loads once a week or several times a day.

The iDos washer also has the Siemens anti-stain system capable of removing the 16 most frequent stain types without special stain remover, as well as the vario Perfect Control logic, which the user select what matters most to him or her for every single load of laundry.

Without compromising on results, users can save a great deal of time by up to 60% on standard or special cycle with the speed Perfect option and save energy automatically adjust the wash cycle, lower the water temperature and reduce energy consumption with the ecoPerfect option. Translated into numbers, the washer will use up to 30% less power than the limit value demanded by energy efficiency grade A.