Stevens Water partners with Schlumberger Water Services to bring the Diver line of groundwater sensors to new customers and markets.

PORTLAND, Ore., June 23, 2011 — Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc is pleased to announce an alliance with Schlumberger Water Services to bring the popular suite of Diver pressure sensors with internal data logging to new markets and customers in the United States.

The cost-effective Diver family of sensors includes unique configurations for monitoring water level and temperature, as well as a new product that includes pressure, temperature, and conductivity measurements. All Diver sensors include an internal datalogger and an integrated battery that can provide up to 10 years of continuous operation. Furthermore, the Diver family now includes an optional SDI-12 (serial digital) interface and wireless communication features.

The small size of the Diver sensors is ideal for long-term, low-impact measurement in groundwater wells, monitoring municipal water supplies, salt water intrusion studies, brine storage and migration, and environmental monitoring of contamination and remediation projects. The Micro-Diver is the smallest water level and temperature sensor currently on the market for small diameter borehole installations. The optional ceramic housing of the Diver is ideal for salt water intrusion and other harsh water conditions.

‘The Diver line of sensors from Schlumberger Water Services offer a great set of tools for automated water level, temperature, and conductivity measurement,’ said Mr. Scott South, President of Stevens Water. ‘Combined with Stevens’ capabilities in data acquisition, system integration, and data telemetry systems, we look forward to providing advances in quality and reliable tools for water level and environmental monitoring applications, and we look forward to the Diver product line being an integral part of such systems.’

All five (5) Diver units are available now from Stevens Water, including the Mini-Diver, Micro-Diver, Cere-Diver, CTD-Diver, and Baro-Diver. Contact Stevens Water today at (800) 452-5272, email [email protected], or visit the Stevens Water website at for pricing and to learn more about the Diver line of water level sensors, and how they can enhance data collection for many applications.

About Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.:
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems designs and manufactures instrumentation and systems for long-term monitoring, collection and data analysis of water conditions and related environmental conditions. The company’s core technology enables measurement of water level, water quality, groundwater, soil conditions and weather conditions. Stevens