Grand Prairie, TX, April 05, 2013 –(– It’s an exciting time for both the Oilfield and Surveillance Camera Industries as both benefit from industry growth and improving technology. As the Oil Field Business continues to grow, so does its need for Explosion-Proof Surveillance Cameras and Equipment. As far as the Surveillance Camera Manufacturers and Suppliers are concerned, there is increasingly sophisticated technology which allows them to serve more of the oilfields needs.

Consider where Surveillance Cameras are currently in use in the Oilfield…for example, Veilux has supplied surveillance equipment for Refineries, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Land Drilling Rigs, Pipelines, completions and even remote Frac. These are just the locations whose hazardous environments call for Explosion Proof Cameras. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what the function of explosion-proof surveillance equipment is…it’s a stainless steel cased device built to allow a surveillance camera to operate in a potentially hazardous or explosive situation. There is a misconception about explosion-proof cameras that they are built to survive an explosion…while in reality explosion-proof cameras are built to prevent an electronic spark from the camera causing an explosion in a hazardous environment. There are other surveillance cameras, such as IP, that are used in the oilfield. This will be covered in the next discussion.

Now, consider the benefits these Explosion-Proof products have in the oilfield:
· Security- Deters vandalism, looting, and helps to keep track of who is coming on and off of the property.
· Safety- Helps deter accidents and even near misses…in fact, it can be used as a valuable training tool later, as the Rig Manager can show the employees involved in the incident what they did wrong.
· Profitability-for example, a camera can be pointed at the shale shakers on a drilling rig and save money through more efficient use of mud each day.
· Being more Aware of the Enviornment- For example, a Rig Manager can use a Surveillance System to simultaneously watch places like the rotary table, BOP, Mud Pumps, Pipe Racks and how personnel are interacting with them.

These are just some ways that Explosion-Proof Cameras can be beneficial in the Oilfield. What other ways are there to use surveillance in the oilfield?