The Deeter Group is a privately owned group of companies first established in the UK in 1982 and set up to provide electronic services and products to industry. The Group comprises Deeter Engineering Services Ltd, Deeter Weighing Systems and Deeter Electronics Ltd. During its existence it has developed from a small local supplier to a Group of companies which trade throughout the world. Deeter now lists among its customers many large international companies and has justly earned its reputation as a supplier of quality products and services.

The Deeter Group head office and factory is ideally situated for UK and international business. All of London’s major international airports are less than an hour’s drive away, Heathrow airport being only 25 minutes away by car. There are also good road and rail links to all parts of the UK.

Deeter Engineering Services Ltd

Deeter Engineering Services, established in 1982, specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors, instrumentation, control and process equipment for a wide range of applications and clients. Electronic and electrical assembly work is also undertaken on a sub-contract basis to meet client’s specifications, quality standards and delivery requirements.

A significant proportion of the company’s resources are directed towards design, development and prototype work. The factory offers modern manufacturing facilities with fully automated high-speed surface-mount technology, fully computerised management systems and CAD.

Deeter Weighing Systems

Deeter Weighing Systems, established in 1985, specialises in the supply of electronic weighing equipment and systems for a broad range of industrial applications. Much of the equipment it offers has been designed and is manufactured within the Deeter Group. Its products include Weigh Indicators and Controllers, Load Cells and Amplifiers, Weigh Platforms and Load Beams.

For over 20 years, Deeter Weighing Systems has built up a network of overseas agents and distributors and now sells products into the Far East, mainland Europe and North America.

Deeter Electronics Ltd

Deeter Electronics was established in 1991 as a distributor of specialist electronic products. It now supplies a range of products to customers in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. In addition to some sensor products manufactured within the Deeter Group, Deeter Electronics is now either an agent or distributor for the following companies:

Wago Germany – Termination Assemblies

Pack Feindrahte Germany – Litz and Magnetic Wire

Proxistor – Magnetic, Inductive, Optical and Capacitive Proximity Switches. Ryazan – Reed Switches, Relays, Security Switches and Solar Power Systems.

Deeter International Ltd. – UK

This is a UK company established specifically to support and nurture the growth of The Deeter Group’s international business.

Deeter Electronics Inc – USA

Deeter Electronics Inc. established in 2002 in Canton OHIO. Main focus is to develop the US market for liquid level sensors, litz wire and industrial weighing systems. Deeter Electronics Inc. is developing a US wide network of sales agents and distributors.

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