Millie MartinEnniskillen toddler Millie Martin died in December 2009

The man who murdered Enniskillen toddler Millie Martin has been told he must serve a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Barry McCarney, 33, from Trillick, County Tyrone, was also given an indeterminate sentence for sexually and physically abusing the baby.

Millie died in December 2009 after McCarney brought her to hospital in an unconscious state.

She suffered a fatal head injury, 21 rib fractures and sexual injuries.

The judge told Barry McCarney that he was a deeply manipulative individual devoid of social norms.

He said the fatal attack was a spontaneous reaction to Millie’s cries of pain as he carried out a sadistic sexual assault.

Outside court his father, Kevin McCarney, said they would appeal against the conviction.

McCarney was given a mandatory life sentence at Dungannon Crown Court last month.

Millie’s mother, Rachael Martin, was cleared of allowing her daughter’s death, and cruelty through wilful neglect.


The court had heard that McCarney began a relationship with Millie’s mother at the end of August 2009 and moved into the family home between the end of September and start of October 2009.

The judge said that he had gained the total trust of Rachael Martin, using Millie as a tool to gain her affection.

The court heard that the defendant had been found guilty of breaking seven of Millie’s ribs by using a force equivalent to that of a significant road traffic accident. Those fractures were sustained some weeks before her death.

On the day of her death, Millie sustained multiple bruising in the pelvic area. Her head also struck a hard surface causing severe bruising to her brain and irretrievable and fatal damage to vital structures in her skull.

The 15-month-old died on 11 December 2009, a day after she was admitted to hospital in Enniskillen.

It followed weeks of abuse, the court was told.

In court, Ms Martin described her former partner as a “monster” and said the only guilt she felt was for letting Barry McCarney into her house.

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