Dr Mario Tamburri, Research Professor, University of Maryland and Director, Maritime Environmental Research Center (MERC), has joined the international speaker line-up at the forthcoming Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) Ballast Water Technology 2012 Conference, with its theme Impending Convention Requirements and Challenges, taking place Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February 2012 in central London.

“We are delighted that Dr Tamburri will be taking part in the ‘Reconciling the US and European views’ panel,” says IMarEST’s Chief Executive, David Loosley. “An acknowledged expert on the topic, he will be joining a highly influential panel chaired by Dr Richard Everett, USCG and Ballast Water Representative on the US IMO Delegation, US Coast Guard, that includes Capt Graham Greensmith, Lead Specialist, Lloyd’s Register; Jon Stewart, President, International Maritime, Technology Consultants Inc. (IMTCI) and Dr Kai Trümpler, Head of Section – Environmental Protection Maritime Traffic, German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).

“The focus of the conference is to highlight the challenges facing shipowners and managers and the technical solutions available, offering both practical and critical guidance as to the most appropriate systems to adopt to ensure their regulatory compliance – offered by the experts and marine engineers most qualified to advise shipping.”

“Tom Mackey, Senior Consultant, Hyde Marine, Inc. will be chairing the conference and is
Co-Chairman, IMarEST Ballast Water Expert Group (BWEG). Dr David Wright, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland and President, Environmental Research Services; Co-Chairman, IMarEST BWEG will deliver one of the keynote addresses at the conference and give the Stanley Gray Lecture later on day one at 1815 hours. We have a superb international line-up for this highly topical conference being held later this month. Speakers come from a dozen countries; and, with delegate registrations, the countries currently represented are Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, The Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, UK, USA and Vietnam.

The conference is timed to ensure the highest possible attendance of those coming to London for IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee 63rd session (MEPC 63) the following week – a step that will provide maximum opportunity to network with key ballast water decision makers.

IMarEST Ballast Water Technology 2012 is being held under the auspices of the IMarEST BWEG, the membership of which encompasses all industry stakeholders, including representatives of the IMO-GloBallast, the Global Industry Alliance and the North Sea BW Opportunity Project. The conference is sponsored by Videotel, Hyde Marine, Inc., Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Coldharbour Marine Ltd, Aura Marine Ltd, ERMA First, Alfa Laval Ltd, Techcross Inc., DHI and Wärtsilä; and supported by SSA, InterManager, and the Society of Maritime Industries.

Attendees to the Ballast Water conference can tweet their questions on Twitter @imarest for the panel sessions before the conference using the hashtag #bwt2012.

Exhibition at Ballast Water Technology Conference
Information from some of the exhibitors at the forthcoming ballast water conference gives an indication of the broad spread of technology available:

Alfa Laval will feature Pure Ballast V2.0 by means of a video, photos, etc. PureBallast has been chosen for more vessels than any other ballast water treatment system with more than 200 systems sold, approximately 130 systems delivered and around 60 systems commissioned. Its high level of popularity is due to its chemical-free operation; compact, easy installation and a low lifecycle cost. The new PureBallast 2.0, consumes 40% less power than its predecessor, has a simplified electrical system, increased operating flexibility and enhancements to the control system.

There is also an EX version of PureBallast 2.0 available which is ideal for tankers and other vessels with potentially explosive environments. PureBallast 2.0EX is designed for Zone 1, group IIC and temperature class T4. It is of use to ship-owners, managers, repair yards, shipyards and installers. They will also show general Alfa Laval products. www.alfalaval.co.uk

Auramarine Ltd will feature the new CrystalBallast® Ballast Water Treatment system. This is a new product range based on automatic filtration and using UV-light rather than chemicals. It meets IMO requirements. Other exhibits will include Auramarine HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil supply units); and Auramarine MGO (Marine Gas Oil handling units) of use for handling of heavy fuel oil and marine gas oil. Auramarine has been the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel oil supply systems for over 30 years. We have wide-ranging experience in liquid flows and this craftsmanship is utilized in design and manufacture of cooling water and lubrication oil units and BWT systems. With over 10,000 skid mounted auxiliary units, Auramarine has superior experience in fuel systems. Our solutions include planning, required technical equipment and alteration work. www.auramarine.com

DHI will highlight the land-based and shipboard performance evaluation of ballast water management systems according to IMO requirements. Many ballast water treatment technologies deliver less efficient treatment of fresh water. DHI offers performance evaluation of ballast water management systems in fresh water. Successful performance in fresh water indicates that the system can meet the IMO discharge standard in inland (freshwater) harbours and in the Great Lakes. Approved treatment performance in fresh water is among the characteristics of a robust treatment technology and a strong selling point on the market. 

Their exhibit is used by manufacturers of ballast water management systems or filtration technologies.

DHI is an international independent consultant and with ballast water test centres in Denmark and Singapore we can offer assistance from the first development of ballast water management system to type approval. www.ballastwater.dhigroup.com

Techcross Inc will feature their ECS (Electro-CleenTM System), the electrolytic ballast water management system with excellent disinfection efficacy. ECS-B Type which was newly developed in 2011 is growing in popularity due to advantages such as smaller footprint and compact design.

Compared with the previous ECS-A type models, the ECS-B type models have distinct advantages when it comes to size and required installation space, because PRE (Power Rectifier Equipment) and ECU (Electro-Chamber Unit) was combined into one unit. As a result, no cables are needed to connect the two units and there are tremendous savings both in work load and cost for both the shipyard and Techcross Inc.

Thanks to its compact design, the ECS-B type is applicable to any types of new vessels as well as existing vessels with limited installation space.  This strong point provides Techcross with a good opportunity to let all of the ship owners who need ballast water management system in their vessel make an informed choice. The ECS-B type models including 150m3/h, 300m3/h, 450m3/h, 600m3/h, and 1,000m3/h capacity have been granted Type Approval from the Korean administration. And the ECS-B type models can be offered individually, or in combination depending on the capacity of ballast pump, to meet customers’ needs. 

In addition to ECS-B type models, Techcross is developing Ex-proof type models, starting with Ex-ECS-600B and Ex-ECS-1000B type.

More importantly, Techcross has been awarded a ‘Green Technology of the Year’ and ‘NEP (New Excellent Product) Certification’ from the Korean government.  ECS has been highly acclaimed for its great contribution in preserving the ocean ecosystem as well as technology. It is remarkable that NEP Certification is given to only one product in the same field of business.  Thus Techcross’ ECS is recognized as one of the best products in the BWMS field by the Korean government. www.techcross.com

Further information on the conference is available from www.imarest.org/events

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