Hospital staffDavid Cameron says costs for health care will be recouped

Tougher curbs on immigrants who want to claim unemployment benefits in the UK are to be set out by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Migrants will lose benefits after six months, unless they “have a genuine chance of finding work”, he wrote in the Sun.

He will say the measures are to ensure that “everyone who comes here pays their way and gives something back”.

He said Britain had become “a soft touch” under Labour.

Currently there is no limit on how long migrants from the European Economic Area can claim unemployment benefits while looking for a job.

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If you use our hospitals but don’t pay our taxes we will go after the costs in your home country””

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David Cameron
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In his article published ahead of his speech on Monday, Mr Cameron wrote: “There’s been a lot said about Bulgarians and Romanians coming over next year.

“We benefit from new countries joining the EU: they’ll buy more things from us and jobs will be created. But as a government we should make sure that people come here for the right reasons.”

Restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians coming to the UK are due to be relaxed next year, with the government estimating that about 13,000 will arrive.

The countries joined the European Union in 2007 but under “transitional arrangements” their workers were prevented from travelling to the UK.

Mr Cameron also said changes to health care would be introduced.

“Currently people from the EU can get free treatment on the NHS. Under our plans, if you use our hospitals but don’t pay our taxes we will go after the costs in your home country.”

Other details about his speech were released on Sunday, including restrictions on immigrant families wanting social housing.

They will be kept off council house waiting lists in England for at least two years, under plans for councils to introduce a residency test.

Local authorities can already set their own criteria, but many do not.

The Local Government Association said it was “very concerned”, and councils should decide how to meet housing need.

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