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Press release date: June 7, 2011

Demonstrational videos explaining how WaferSense® wireless metrology devices seamlessly measure critical parameters in semiconductor fabrication processes are available on CyberOptics Semiconductor web site at

Products in the WaferSense family provide leveling, gapping teaching as well as detection of vibrations and airborne particles in semiconductor process equipment. These wireless measurement systems work together or alone to increase fab effectiveness, fine tune existing equipment and reduce overall cost of operations.

Included in the WaferSense family:

o WaferSense® Auto Vibration System: Travels through wafer process areas and reports real-time acceleration data in three axes for engineers to identify vibration sources.

o WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor: Monitors airborne particles in process equipment, reporting information in real-time to efficiently validate and analyze wafer contamination.

o WaferSense® Auto Gapping: Measures gaps critical to the outcome of semiconductor processes such as thin-film deposition, sputtering and etch.

o WaferSense® Auto Teaching System: Moves through semiconductor equipment to capture three-dimensional offset data for accurate calibration of transfer positions. Also helps find lost or broken wafers to correct portion of the tool.

o WaferSense® Auto Leveling System 2 Vertical: Moves through semiconductor process equipment to take critical 2D level measurements.

Check out the latest video demos on these products at:

Detailed information on CyberOptics’ WaferSense products is available online at or by contacting sales at (503) 495-2200 for more information.


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