Volubill has secured a policy management deal with an unnamed North American satellite and wireless communications provider. Volubill says its CONTROL-IT solution will deliver dynamic service fulfillment and wholesale invoicing across a 4G WiMAX-based network, serving more than a half-million customers.

Although 4G technologies have offered some relief with faster access speeds, the recent migration from voice-based traffic to more data-heavy bandwidth usage has presented significant network management challenges for mobile broadband providers. Volubill’s extensive CONTROL-IT suite proactively addresses these issues and helps improve traffic management and charging capabilities to ensure the highest quality experience for customers, which in turn keeps revenue high and churn low, the company said.

“This deployment propels Volubill’s presence in the competitive American mobile marketplace and speaks strongly to our ability to deliver effective Policy and Charging solutions across diverse network technologies,” said John Aalbers, CEO, Volubill. “Carriers have realized that to maintain a high quality of experience for their broadband customers, they must take a holistic approach to managing their broadband traffic. Volubill helps them achieve this goal with a unique focus on closely integrating network management, enforecement and charging functions.