10.00 Experts have said that the wintry blast is the result of a
phenomenon called sudden stratospheric warming — and warned that its effects
could last for up to a month more

“This is a major event in the stratosphere, and it’s driving the cold
weather,” said Adam Scaife at the Met Office.

“The lower stratosphere will be perturbed for weeks, and it’s pushing the
chances of further cold and easterly winds well into February.”

09.50 Almost inevitably, some of the focus will fall upon Heathrow,
where 440 flights were cancelled on Friday, followed by a further 111
flights on Saturday.

As Laura Donnelly reports overnight, more delays and cancellations are
expected today:

Thousands of people were left sleeping at the airport, many after spending
up to six hours on aircraft waiting for clearance to take off, only to have
their flights cancelled.

Many complained that they were given little or no information, left to find
hotels for themselves, and not given back checked baggage.

Further delays will affect Heathrow on Sunday, with one in five flights
cancelled because of expected snow.

BAA and British Airways, the biggest single airline at Heathrow, were
locked in a blame game while passengers spoke of frustration at the lack of

Passengers sleep on the floor at Heathrow and wait for updates.

09.40 The cold weather is showing no sign of relenting, with parts of
the country waking up this morning to heavy snowfall.

As the snow continues to fall today, we’ll bring you the latest forecast
updates and developments as Britain’s transport system tries to cope with
the situation.

09.30 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the weather situation
in Britain.

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