What would Christ say? Be humble. This is the best way to live as
tooting our own horn never works. Pride is the cancer of the self and
has wrecked the life of many a man. Share with others. After our living
expenses are paid, why not share the rest with those less fortunate. We
can’t take it with us, and it will spoil our kids more if we leave it
with them. Why not give it to those we deem worthy while we still have
our faculties. Show tolerance. This is not only the hallmark of a
learned man but also an experienced one. Nobody is all bad or all good.
In between lies humanity, but we will never find it if we don’t look
there. After all, this is where Christ looked and found us. This is
where the Church must look also to find its lost flock. Turn the other
cheek. If we were wronged revenge won’t make it right — though it might
briefly feel better. But the revenge will perpetuate the wrong, and from
generation to generation. Why not fight the urge for revenge ourselves
by turning the other cheek and stop it, there and then with us. Above
all, let’s love our strange, filthy, unworthy neighbor as we love
ourselves. He could use our understanding and help, though he may not
deserve it. He is our brother — unconditionally — and we are our
brother’s keeper. This is what Christ was about and these are the
themes that shaped the Church way back in Constantinople. We should
return to those themes to invigorate the Church, and in the process find
and invigorate ourselves.

With no front-runner in sight, outcome of papal conclave is anybody’s guess – Haaretz
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