• Woman named locally as Christie Marriott McHugh, 33
  • She was the mother of six-month-old and four-year-old
  • Horrific incident happened outside Lord Kitchener pub in Barnet
  • Employee at Sainsbury’s store opposite described incident as ‘quite nasty’
  • Road described as being ‘chaos’ during rush hour
  • Police have arrested a woman in connection with the inquiry

Leon Watson and Anthony Bond

17:09, 5 March 2013


19:34, 5 March 2013

A mother-of-two died after being involved in a road rage attack following a row over a parking space at a pub, it emerged this evening.

The woman, named locally as Christie Marriott McHugh, 33, is believed to have got into an argument over a parking space at the Lord Kitchener pub in Barnet, north London.

She was then carried along on the bonnet of another woman’s car before she died, police revealed today.

Horrific: The incident happened outside this busy Sainsbury's store in front of shoppers

Horrific: The incident happened outside this busy Sainsbury’s store in front of shoppers

Speaking to MailOnline, the landlord of the pub, Paul Lawrence, said Mrs McHugh was one of the regulars.

He said: ‘She was a lovely, kind person with two children. She was good fun. This is a good family pub and she would come in two or three times a week with her children.’

said the victim was believed to have been
involved in a row with a female driver before the car careered into her.

The victim was then thrown into a road crossing lamppost before the car drove off leaving her at the scene, officers said.

The incident happened in front of horrified shoppers outside the packed Sainsbury’s New Barnet store.

An employee for the Sainsbury’s store said: ‘It was quite nasty and we would prefer not to comment.’

Some eyewitnesses took to Twitter to report what they had seen.

David Constable ‏said: ‘Serious Road Traffic Accident in East Barnet Road outside Sainsbury’s New Barnet. Road closed. Police have taped off area and erected tent.’

Other people who know the area described that section of road as being ‘chaos’ during rush hour.

later arrested a woman in connection with the inquiry. The suspect has been questioned and released on bail.

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘We are appealing for witnesses and information following
the death of a woman in Barnet.

The Met Police said a woman has been found dead in Barnet (pictured) after being carried along on the bonnet of another woman's car in an apparent road rage attack

The Met Police said a woman has been found dead in Barnet (pictured) after being carried along on the bonnet of another woman’s car in an apparent road rage attack

‘At approximately 6.40pm on Monday, March 4, police were called
to East Barnet Road, Barnet, after a woman suffered head injuries.

‘The ambulance service attended but she was confirmed dead
at the scene. She is believed to be a woman in her 30s. We await formal
identification. Next of kin are aware.

‘A post-mortem is due to be held at Finchley Mortuary
tomorrow. At this early stage it appears she was a driver involved
in a dispute with another woman driver.

‘She left her vehicle and an incident occurred during
which she was injured. Early inquiries indicate that she was carried on the
bonnet of the other car and fell from the bonnet and was in collision with a
Belisha beacon.

‘The vehicle drove away. Police subsequently attended an address in Barnet and
arrested a woman in connection with the inquiry.

‘She was taken to a north west
London police station and was subsequently bailed pending further enquiries to
a date in late April.

‘A Vauxhall Insignia has been recovered.’

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: ‘We were called at 6.38pm on Monday to reports of a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian and a car on Station Road. We sent two first responder units, an ambulance crew and medical team to the scene.

‘Staff treated a woman, who was in cardiac arrest. Despite extensive efforts to resuscitate her, she was pronounced dead at the scene by the doctor. .

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Road Rage, is another word for fists first and ask questions later and this is not isolated to the roads. And as society has now become me and me attitude tempers flare creating dangerous situations where one or the other ends up in hospital and the other ends up with a criminal conviction. Sad but true.


05/3/2013 18:17

Why was the suspect released on bail? How many suspects were there? If there was only one, then why was she released? Sometimes guilty until innocent is proven is a good idea.

despairing eve

exeter devon, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:17

When the red mist descends some people really do forget their heads and go for it. Mind boggling as a young girl has lost her life and someone now will do time in prison – all for the loss of a temper. Such as waste. Such a shame. RIP young lady x


05/3/2013 18:15

looks like dm know how to use street view on google maps.


05/3/2013 18:13



Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:13

How can someone just do that and leave the person here with out helping them. My condolences to the victim family.


05/3/2013 18:13

What is wrong with people ?


Hastings, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:12

British society is getting worse by the day


Wigan, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:11

I witness almost daily road rage incidents on my narrow london street with drivers not wanting to give way to buses etc… It really isn’t worth getting killed over people! Poor lady.


London, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:06

Not very good for the UK on the global stage. What’s happening to society ? Scary times!


somewhere, United Kingdom,
05/3/2013 18:05

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