Crews have begun burying sections of the 1,400-mile ATEX Express Pipeline across Ohio.

The pipeline, designed to carrying natural gas liquids, will stretch from Texas to Pennsylvania, primarily using existing pipelines.

Last week crews were working along Shaker Road in Turtlecreek Twp., Springboro Road in Clearcreek Twp. and Corwin Road in Wayne Twp.

“Simultaneously we have different crews working in different areas,” said Rick Rainey, a spokesman for Enterprise Pipeline, owners of the ATEX Express.

Most of the new pipe is being buried along a 265-mile right of way passing through 13 Ohio counties, including Greene, Warren and Butler.

The project, the third pipeline following a similar route, and the second in the past decade, brings new revenues to local governments.It also brings business to restaurants and stores like Baker Hardware, in Butler County near the Indiana line.

The project also requires use of private land during construction and permanent easements, sometimes despite opposition from the owners.

“We’ve been working in concert with land owners to make sure that we’re keeping their concerns in mind,” Rainey said.

The company negotiates compensation with property owners through eminent domain cases.

Larry Denny, part owner of Spring Lake Farm, said last week he was headed to pick up settlement papers after a prolonged legal battle. Carriage horses are raised and trained on the farm, north of Lebanon.

The ATEX Express, along with the Rockies Express Pipeline, run through an area of the farm designed for a carriage track.

“We can’t keep them from coming through,” said Denny, also a lawyer in Dayton. “You have limited choices.”

Construction should end by early next year, Rainey said.

Ethane should be flowing through the pipeline by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Less than a dozen workers will be employed to help monitor the pipeline otherwise managed remotely from Texas.

“We have a comprehensive program in place to protect our pipeline and check its integrity on a regular basis,” Rainey said.